TCN Partners with Damian Forthun

TCN is proud to announce our partnership with Damian Forthun!

Damian represents our growing family in California. Residing in San Diego, Damian started his automotive journey off by taking photos with his iPhone at various car meets with his best friend. After countless meets and photos later, Damian slowly fell in love with the art of photography.

His first car meet in L.A. introduced him to a wide body Porsche, that he later found out to be one of Akira Nakai’s masterpieces. Since that day he has travelled throughout the states and internationally trying to document as many RWB Porsches as he can. Damian’s ultimate goal is to share his passion with the world as well as allow others to see cars through his eyes.

Go ahead and check out Damian’s Instagram to see what he will be bring to the app.