TCN Partners with Daniel Fischer

The TCN team is pleased to grow our Euro family with the addition of Daniel Fischer!

Daniel, an avid automotive photographer, is based out of Germany. Residing near the fabled Nurburgring, Daniel was exposed to European exotic cars at a very young age. Naturally, he fell in love with everything automotive.

Although Daniel has only been shooting cars the last couple years, the amount of enjoyment he experiences while taking the pictures is clearly shown in his final product.

When Daniel isn’t doing shoots, you can catch him driving his Volkswagen MK7 Golf GTI to the absolute limit. To further gain exposure to his passion, Daniel took on and completed an apprenticeship program at Porsche as a mechanic. His goal now is to one day own a Porsche GT3; one of the ultimate drivers vehicles.

Daniel can’t wait to showcase his talents on the TCN app and grow our already expanding family! Check out his Instagram to see what he’s all about!

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