TCN Partners with DB Media

It is with great pleasure that we are able to introduce our newest partner, DB Media @duy.n.bui!

Although DB may not a household brand for some automotive enthusiasts, he is starting to make his presence felt! DB represents our second Canadian partner, hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, and has actually done some amazing photography work for one of our Advisors, Matt Zhang.

DB is extremely immersed in the car scene in the Vancouver area. So much so, that he media manages for a wrapping company, on top of doing private shoots for car owners and large car events.

As a good photographer does, DB surrounds himself with quite the variety of cars in Vancouver. From JDM to to exotic hyper cars, DB is able showcase Western Canada’s car scene in a way that only he can.

His style is very unique; giving his wallpapers that “WOW” effect that everyone loves.

Give his Instagram a look to get an idea of what he’ll be bringing to the app!

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