TCN Partners with Nicolaos Belessis

TCN welcomes our first partner from Sweden, Nicolaos Belessis!

Nicolaos got into automotive photography by combining all of his favourite hobbies into one. These of course being cars and photography.

Like many photographers, Nicolaos’ goal is to showcase that a car is much more than just a metal box with 4 wheels. By capturing the true essence of the car and the craftsmanship that went into creating it, the image can really jump off your screen and create an everlasting connection.

Besides the photography side of cars, Nicolaos loves the ability to personalize a car build to truly making it one of a kind as well as the roaring sound from a V12 Lamborghini.

Nicolaos also works as a exotic car salesman. As if he wasn’t already around cars enough!

We are extremely excited to have Nicolaos on board and can’t wait for him to rep TCN in Sweden! Check out his Instagram to see what Nicolaos will be bringing to the app.