TCN Partners with SG Visuals

The TCN family grows bigger in Vancouver! Time to welcome Sami Grewal of SG Visuals.

Like many young car enthusiasts, Sami grew up loving cars. As an adult, his natural progression of loving cars would be to complete a project car. After starting and nearly completing his project car, Sami decided to invest in a camera to allow him to showcase his work to friends and family.

While travelling down to Seattle for Wekfest and Stancewars, Sami brought his new camera with him to take pictures of the vast amount of cars. Instead of sharing his pictures to his personal account, Sami decided to create an account called “SGVisuals”.

Sami has spent countless hours researching how to keep growing his new found talents. From shooting friend’s vehicles, to now having a wide variety of partners and clients; Sami has grown his name tremendously. Seeing clients reaction to shots of their cars is what keeps Sami motivated to shoot every day.

Although Sami has broadened his clientele base to physiotherapy clinics, restaurants and trainers, his niche will always remain the automotive industry. If Sami isn’t shooting, he is at his clinic working as a Kinesiologist. Sami is looking to expand SGVisuals to Sydney Australia this year as he looks to gain his Masters of Physical Therapy.

Be sure to check out Sami’s profile on the upcoming TCN app as well as his Instagram to see some of his latest shoots!