TCN Partners with Taylor Bryant

TCN lands in Texas! Taylor Bryant has now joined the TCN team!

Born and raised in Texas, Taylor became introduced to photography through a video class in high school. The class project required a film so Taylor went to a car meet and documented the vehicles that showed up. Little did he know that he would be doing that very thing 5 years later as a job and passion.

The amount of joy seeing one of his photos come to life combined with the amazing feedback on social media, drove Taylor to become the best he can be. Photography has provided him with many opportunities and blessed him with many new friendships.

On top of the relationships that Taylor has created, photography has allowed him to branch into other business ventures such as clothing and printing; using his alternate brand “CREATE” to promote his products.

We are very excited to have Taylor on board with us at TCN and can’t wait to bring his images to life on your screen! Check out his Instagram and website in the meantime.

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