TCN Team Buys Autozam AZ1!

The Rarest Kei Sports Car in the World

With so many great options on the Japanese market, it made perfect sense to try to track down an Autozam AZ1. This incredibly appealing car stands alone in its appeal as a tiny sports car that steals away the attention of any passerby.

History of the AZ1

The AZ1 started life originally as a Suzuki concept car known as the RS/1 that Suzuki had planned on bringing forth into mass production in the coming years. The initial RS/1 design was then further refined in a new model named the RS/3 which made its debut at the 1987 Tokyo motor show. This iteration of the design was a more realistic one adhering to Japanese vehicle safety regulations and featuring a more practical approach the automotive market could appreciate. Unfortunately, the original RS/3 coupe design was abandoned shortly thereafter for a roadster version which later became the Suzuki Cappucino. It was then that Mazda’s design team took over where the Suzuki team left off breathing in new life to the freshly abandoned design.

The First TCN Car Build

After searching for months The TCN team was able to finally track down an Autozam AZ1 in relatively good condition located in Tokyo. After a few months of back and forth negotiations and numerous translators, the Autozam AZ1 finally landed and was ready for pickup.



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